The story of Emma


< Teacher 7 >
Let us go back to 1965. We'll take a little journey together. Most of you here were alive on Earth at that time. If you weren't, join us anyway, back in time. Nineteen sixty-five. It's in the early evening. There's a beautiful little girl kneeling beside her bed praying. She was praying because her mother was standing there watching her, making sure she said her prayers before she went to bed - "Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name."

We'll call this little girl - we'll call her Emma. Emma is a collective energy, very much real but very much a collective of all of Shaumbra. Some of you will have had this specific experience and some of you will be able to relate to Emma very well.

She was praying beside her bed and her mother was watching, but yet Emma didn't resonate with this prayer. She had said it hundreds, maybe thousands of times, and it always seemed vague to her. She never did understand. She'd memorized the words but she didn't really understand what they meant. But she felt their energy. She actually felt a fear when she said this prayer, like there was somebody watching over and judging her. She didn't like praying but her mother made her. It wasn't just because of being on her knees. It wasn't because she wanted to be doing something else. That prayer always brought up fear in her - any of the prayers that her mother had her do. But Emma did them to satisfy her mother. Emma did it because perhaps she thought it would make her mother feel better.

Life had been difficult. Emma's mother and father had been divorced for about a year now. Finances were more difficult and Emma could feel in her mother a concern and a fear that her mother had never had before. Her mother had always been smiling, laughing and singing. And now there were frown lines in Emma's mother's face. There was a stern voice. There was no more singing. Emma's mother had to take care of her and her two older brothers. By the way, they didn't have to pray any more. Emma's mother was so tired of arguing with them about it. It was now up to Emma, she thought, to carry the whole responsibility of this prayer ritual for everybody in the family.

Emma's mother would sit at the table and read the newspaper while drinking coffee in the morning, and Emma didn't like that feeling either. She could see that her mother was concerned about things like war. She talked once in a while quietly to her friends about nuclear attack. She talked about things like politics and people of fame and leadership being killed. Emma felt the heaviness and a sadness in her and didn't know what to do with it. She felt it was like her own, like she carried this weight for the whole world, but it was her own.

So as soon as her mother kissed her good night and turned off the light and closed the door all but two inches... you see Emma had to have the door open a few inches because she was afraid of the dark. But not only that, she wanted to keep feeling her mother's energy because she was worried about her mother and her brothers and her extended family and the world - would the world even be here in the morning? So when Emma went to bed that night, she laid her head down, she pulled up her Raggedy Ann doll - who was her constant companion... held Raggedy Ann in her arms and then she said her real prayers.

You see the others were the obligatory prayers to make her mother feel good. But in her real prayer she said, "Dear God, I don't know who you are, but I don't think you're the one I just prayed to. I don't know where you are, but I don't think you're a long way away.

"Dear God, would you make sure to take care of my dog, Skip, because I really love him and I'm not always so sure I know how to take care of him. And Dear God could you also watch over my brothers because they're stupid. They're teenage boys and I worry about them. Dear God, my father is leaving. He's found somebody else and he's leaving this town and I'm worried about him. Would you take care of him too?

"And more than anything, would you take care of my mom because I don't think she's doing very good right now. She worries about me, but I'm really worried about her. Dear God, would you take care of the world because I'm worried about the world too. I hear stories and it doesn't seem to be happy right now.

"I worry about a lot of things, God, that I can't talk to other people about. I try talking to Raggedy Ann. She just listens, but she doesn't say anything back. And I try talking to Skip, my dog, but he just wants to play. So I'll talk to you. I'm worried about this world. I'm not sure what to do. Help me to understand because tonight my stomach feels funny. I don't feel good at all. I feel like I'm going to get sick. I'm not sure what's happening to me and if you hear me, well let me know, would you?"

In that moment, Emma began to spin in her bed. Her eyes were closed and she was clutching Raggedy Ann, but she felt the bed begin to spin. She dared not open her eyes because she was afraid that perhaps it was a monster underneath her bed that was spinning the bed on his feet while he was waiting to devour her. So she didn't want to open her eyes, but she could feel everything spinning faster and faster until the point she thought she was going to throw up and scream at the same time, which is not a good idea. (audience chuckling) She took a deep breath and she said, "Dear God, did I say something wrong? Did I offend you? Dear God, stop this spinning because I don't think I can stand it anymore."

And just when she was about to scream out for her mother, the spinning stopped. She knew she was still laying in her bed, but she felt different. She dared not open her eyes again because something had changed and she didn't want to see what happened to her. She felt totally different. She didn't feel like little 10 year old Emma anymore. She felt not necessarily older, but bigger. She felt everything around her now with a warm glow to it. She felt a happiness that she can't remember the last time when she felt. She felt a type of relief and she called out in her mind, she said, "Where am I?"

And a voice came back and said, "Dear Emma, you are with me right now. You are with me."

Emma was a bit confused about all this. She tried to quickly race through her mind putting all the pieces together, thinking about what she had said or what she asked. But the words that came out of her mouth were, "I'm afraid right now. I'm afraid and I'm not sure what to do."

And the voice said, "You're just feeling things. You are feeling your mother. You are feeling other people around you, but it's truly not you."

Emma thought about this for a moment, and again, not Emma the 10 year old, but an expanded Emma. Emma thought about it for a moment and then said to the voice, "What am I supposed to be doing right now?"

And the voice said, "Exactly what you're doing. Exactly. Being on Earth, being a little girl, enjoying each day."

Well Emma got a little bit more bold now because the voice was reassuring. It was comforting. She knew she had heard it somewhere but she couldn't remember where. And she said to the voice, she said, "So what am I supposed to do? What's going to happen to me?"

And the voice said, "You're going to grow up. You're going to go to school - go to high school. You're going to graduate - with medium grades, but you're going to graduate."

And Emma interjected and said to the voice, "Why is it that other kids don't seem to like me? I don't seem to fit in. Why is it that I feel so different from the rest of them?"

And the voice took a deep breath and said, "Because you are different than the rest. You've chosen a different path. You've chosen a different way. It's not that they don't like you, but they don't understand you. It's not that you offend anyone, but they're mystified by you. Even your own mother worries about you."

Emma said, "What else is going to happen?"

And the voice said, "You're going to get married young. You'll go off to college. After a year of college, you're going to get married. You're going to tell yourself you're going to go back to college but instead you're going to have a couple of children, and you're going to spend time raising them. And when you are in your mid-30s, your husband's going to die in a car accident."

Emma thought about this for a moment and said, "Is this what God wants to happen to me?"

And the voice said, "No, not at all. This is what you've chosen. This is what you've chosen for yourself. You can change at any time you want, but this is what you've chosen."

Emma said, "Then what will happen?"

And the voice said, "You become disillusioned. You become depressed. You become suicidal, very lonely. You have many difficult, difficult years in your life."

Emma thought about this also, thought about what a strange choice that she had made. She said, "But there'll be people there to help me, won't there?"

The voice said, "Not people. You'll be doing this on your own." The voice said, "Not people but there'll be angels. There'll be ones who are not in human form that are going to love you and support you and will be here for you. But you're going to be doing a lot of this alone, on your own."

Emma took another deep breath and contemplated all of this, and said, "Then what happens?"

Then the voice said, "Then after you come through this dark time of your life, then all the parts and pieces are going to start to come together for you. You're going to start remembering why you're here on Earth in the first place. You're going to start remembering why you chose the experiences that you did. You're going to understand you brought these experiences on, not as punishment but for understanding and compassion. You're going to understand that you brought all of these experiences into your life, in a sense while you were waiting. Waiting for the right time, waiting for the right place."

Emma was taking all of this in. Not sure whether it was a good thing or bad. Then she said to the voice, "Then what?"

The voice said, "Then I'm going to come back for you. We're going to have another talk like this. It's going to happen in approximately 1998. Something will happen in your life - you haven't chosen it yet. It could be a book that you read. It could be a friend that you talk to. It could be a very frightening situation in your life, perhaps an automobile accident where you end up in the hospital. You haven't decided yet how that's going to happen. But when it does, I'm going to come back and talk to you. We're going to have a few laughs and a few tears about your life and then we're going to start into the next phase."

Emma said, "Why don't we start now? Why do we have to wait until 1998?"

And the voice said, "Because the world's not ready yet. Because there is something happening with the basic way energy works on Earth, the basic ways humans bring this into their lives. It's not ready yet. And it may not come, by the way. It may not come. There could be catastrophe on Earth, but there also could be moving to this whole next level."

Emma paused and thought about this also ... said, "What happens when you come back and talk to me in 1998?"

The voice said, "I'm going to remind you of who you are, why you are here. And I'm going to remind you of all of the potentials in the future." The voice said, "I'm going to remind you that you came here - you chose to be here on Earth - so that you could be a creator in the New Energy. You could be one of the first to bring it into manifestation on Earth, to go beyond the talk, to go beyond just thinking about it, to be one of the first. You came here to Earth to be a creator in New Energy.

"You came here out of your heartfelt love and desire for humanity and also your love for yourself to experience this amazing opening. After 1998 you're going to go through a series of experiences that will train you and teach you how to be a teacher, how to be a creator, how to live on Earth and ultimately, how to become an example, a leader and a Standard for other humans to be the first."

Emma thought about all of this also. Was starting to remember why she was here in the first place. She said, "When you come back to me in 1998 and when I go through that next part of my life, will I still be alone? Will I still be alone like I feel right now?"

And the voice said to her, "No, indeed not, for I talked not just to you, but I talked to 144,000 others. You're not going to be alone. You're going to have a family. Not a biological family, not even an angelic family. You're going to have a family called Shaumbra. They are going through much the same thing that you're going through right now. You're going to meet back up with them. You unify your energy while always remaining independent and unique. You unify your energy with them to help bring in this next era of humanity, to help herald the time of New Energy and the potentials of New Energy. The potential to go beyond duality, to go beyond war, to go beyond suffering, to be able to heal your body in just a moment, to be able to integrate your divinity into your reality. So, no, my dear Emma, you're not going to be alone."

Emma took another deep breath and contemplated all of this, thinking about it, feeling it, remembering all of it. It was coming back together. Finally, Emma said, "Thank you for coming here tonight. Will you come back tomorrow night so we can talk again?"

And the voice said (emotional), "No, I won't. I can't. I have to wait until 1998 to come back to get you. You're not going to remember that we talked tonight. When you go back to your bed and you wake up with Raggedy Ann in your arms, you're not going to remember that we talked. It'll be many long and difficult years for you, but I will come back. I'll come back and remind you of this energy of the family of Shaumbra."

And so is the story of Emma. Your story, Shaumbra.

< Teacher 7QA > There was another part of the story of Emma that we didn't share because of time, but Emma always felt she had more than others. And we don't mean this in an egotistical way. She could handle more - more emotion, more pain, more difficulty. So she took on the energy of her mother and her father and her husband who died and all of the others. She took all that on like it was her cross to bear. But gone are the days of bearing crosses. That was 2,000 years ago. You don't do that today. You can let that go.