Under Earth / Under World


< Wings 4 > It's actually right now creating what I'm going to call the Under Earth, which certainly is not the New Earth, and it's really not this classic Earth, this physical Earth. It's creating a whole new reality/dimension where those who are really holding on to the past and will not let go and don't want to let go and want to continue to believe in a God who is judgmental and angry, that demands worship and all the rest of that. They will go there and it will not be on this physical planet, but it will appear to be. It will have more gravity than this physical planet, psychic and literal gravity. It will have more rules and regulations, more righteousness and a lot stricter. It would be like going from a liberal arts college to a highly religious college where you had to go to church every day, and they want to. Nobody's making them go there after they come into their next lifetime. They want that, what they call, simplicity. They want that subservience to God. They want to believe in a higher power and a masculine higher power, and they don't want to understand that you are God also, and that's fine. We don't go try to change their minds, nor would they listen to us. They would call us Satan. We don't try to do anything other than absolutely honor them for the new stage at the new theater of the Under World where they're going to go play. That's it. That's it.

< Wings 4 > People are getting more specialized – “I want to play on New Earth where I have a lot more creative freedom” – or others saying, “I don't like playing any of these games. I'm going to go back to the basics, back to roots” and they're going to go to the Under Earth. And I don't mean like hell or underground. I mean, it's a different type of Earth, and they're going to reincarnate there in their next lifetime and they're going to think it's this planet, it will have all the same attributes, but it will be older. I mean, it won't be modern and contemporary. It would almost be like reincarnating back in time, in a way, but they're going to reincarnate on this – I call it the Under World.