plan A and plan B / team A and team B

another team; backup;

< NewEnergy 11QA > Indeed… your son was what we would lovingly refer to as Plan B. In Plan A there was a group of humans, who you know as yourself as Shaumbra, who came in at this lifetime at approximately the same time to begin this whole movement of energy into the New. And, we knew it was going to be difficult. You knew it was going to be difficult. There would be many, many challenges along the way.

It was not known whether you - none of you knew - that you could endure all of this in your being. Certainly many, many Shaumbra have left. Some of them left early, some by their own hand, and other by diseases they created for themselves within their being. This was what we call the "A Team." And, so many of you are still here, the ones connecting with this information.

But, there was a backup. And, it was the "B Team." Should you choose to not accept your assignment (some laughter), the next ones would come in to continue the work that you had already done. Your son was one of these. You have known him in so many other lifetimes, not as a son, but as a partner, and as a mate. You have worked together on the angelic realms. And, you became the "A Player," and he became the "B."

And, when it was realized by both of you that you were going to continue here, and that you had done a grand job in your work, then he could be released from his role. He could leave the Earth. And, he did so specifically at this time because he wanted to end the life cycle so that he could come in very shortly, very soon as one of what you would call the "crystals," free from so much of the Old Energy ways, so that he could come back to Earth quite soon. He is preparing now.

And, we do not want to give a specific date, but his plan is to know you again in this lifetime, you as the "A Player." And, he wants to connect with you once again, even just energetically on Earth. So, it is not a sad thing. He served his purpose, and then he wanted to move into his own next level. So, he is… his energy is around you all of the time. And, it is - how to say - a bit different than how you knew it when he was on Earth. We thank you, and we know you will understand here.