< NewEnergy 9QA > The orbs that you speak of are… these are - how to say - energetic capsules. In a way, these are energies that hold potentials… they hold wisdom… they hold things that - how to say - are directions for the future. And, they come in and out of your life, in a sense, as a validation or a confirmation. They also come to deliver these energies for you at the appropriate time.

< NewEnergy 10QA > Indeed… and, the orbs here, or the energy spheres… sometimes the energy is not just spheres, but energy shapes that appear in the pictures. Your own energies are becoming so strong that they are now showing up in the pictures. And, because of the nature of your digital technology, they will show up even more in digital than they did in film. It is easier - how to say - for those what you call orb energies to project through.

Sometimes the orbs are literally energies or angels from our side who are right there with you. And, sometimes it is energy balls - how to say - that are coming from you and energy that is emanating from you. The ones that - how to say - have more flare in them will tend to be your own energies coming off of you. The ones that are more of a tightly held sphere or orb tend to be from the angelic realms. But, these will be showing up more and more in your photographs.