< NewEnergy 1QA > It is so engrained in the human biology that it will be a while. And specifically this is one of the things we will talk about this year when we get involved in our medical and biological discussions. You will see it - how to say - you will see a dichotomy in this. You will see there are some women who go through a much, much more difficult time with this, and others who have a much easier time. At some point it is a situation or condition that can nearly vanish from the human biology. But in the lifetimes you are living now, it will certainly be part of it. There are things that can be done to lessen the effects of this.

Breathing in the acceptance of the change that is going on within your biology will lessen the impact. There are certain herbs and even certain energy methods that - some are available now, others will be coming to the forefront soon - that will help this.

There are very significant implications of this change process that also has to do with a general - how to say - change in feminine energy, particularly in a very masculine environment you are living in. But for right now, know that the effects can be lessened through the breathing. Eventually we feel that it will be out of the - how to say - the matrix - good word - of the human condition.