digestive and displacement system

release system;

< NewEnergy 5QA > You will find it through your digestive and your bowel systems that you will be able to clean (things that no longer serve you) very quickly, very quickly. And, you will not have to take on diseases or flues. Your own digestive tract and displacement system are designed to release Old Energy. So, listen to your body. It needs certain types of fibrous materials at times to facilitate the clearing.

< freedom 3 > Stomach. Number one thing, and Paul didn't say it, but it goes down into the bowels, because this is your best natural release mechanism for your biology. Naturally. You know, humans smirk or chitter about it, but yeah, this is a release system. It's designed to get rid of a lot of the junk, and you're getting rid of a lot of junk right now. So if you have a little touch of diarrhea, a stomachache, things just not feeling right, stomach flip-flopping, well, of course it would, because you're on this amazing rollercoaster ride right now. So it's going to affect the stomach.