compassionate psychology

rewriting of the past;
wave of love vibration; radiance of divine energy

< freedom 5 > Here you are as a conscious, aware being, and you suddenly allow yourself to expand. So the body, the being, the I Am expand back to when you were about eight years old. And you're there with yourself, the eight-year-old, not doing a thing other than observing and being aware. You are there as a radiant being with yourself not trying to change a thing. This is compassion. Compassion that you would be there for yourself. Compassion that you would allow whatever is going on to go on. Compassion. Just accepting yourself.

Now, some funny things happen. Right now your eight-year-old, who's going through something in your life suddenly feels a presence … suddenly feels something called love or compassion, suddenly has hope. Doesn't feel so alone or lost. That eight-year-old doesn't know how to define it necessarily. Might call it an angel or a saint or one of its spirit friends that it used to have when it was two years old. But it just feels something.

And in feeling something, at that point of trauma, it allows whatever stuck energies were there to be free. Whatever perception that eight-year-old continued to have of that event, continued to have when the eight-year-old became 20 and 30 and 40, that eight-year-old held onto the perception of that event until now. Your compassion touched this eight-year-old. It did not necessarily change the linear outcome of events, but it changed the perception, the love, the compassion, and the lesson. That, my friends, is compassionate psychology.