< Clarity 2QA > As they do more archeological studies in this area, there is going to be - how to say, I'm going to put it out here first - the absolute misinterpretation of the dating, particularly carbon dating of the structures and the facilities. And, the scientists, archeologists, are going to come back and say that these are perhaps several thousands of years old, rather than hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years old because any of the measurement tools that you have today do not work when you start going back far in time. The scientists would argue this, of course.

But, we have said recently that time, even as you knew it back in the time of Yeshua, was different than time is now. But, because you're measuring it with your now systems and applying it to a dimension that was different back then, you don't truly understand how long ago things were, or how time has evolved. They are going to carbon test, which is a measurement system that is not accurate once you get out more than about five or six hundred years. It does not… it loses its accuracy very, very rapidly and particularly when you start going back into things that are hundreds of thousands of years old.