avatar / virtual reality / R.P.G


< QuantumLeap 2QA > What you are doing here with the creation of these games is basically mimicking what you do from a much higher level of creation. You can imagine yourself as the game player, at a very high level, creating all of these aspects of yourself called lifetimes. Creating different types of characteristics and identities, some are good and some are bad, but all for the sake of discovering more about yourself. So now with these electronic games, you mimic that same activity. It has its value, then it helps others ... it helps humans to understand that you truly do create aspects and these aspects have a life of their own, in a way. Whether they are just playing within the confines of the Second World or whether they are actually going off into dimensions, they are real and they exist.

There is a tremendous amount of consciousness and energy that is poured into these Avatars to the point that, with one who is very proficient, could actually have that Avatar come to life, not as a souled being but as a biological being. There are some who have actually come quite close to it, and many who have created such a dynamic behind their Avatars that the Avatars are seen by other people with their human eyes. Even though they are a type of apparition or they're not truly in physical form, for a brief time they can appear to be in physical form.

The beauty of this is that eventually humans will understand what incredible creators they are. They will understand how they can create dynamic aspects or Avatars of themselves. But they will also come to understand that it is a way to fragment yourself, to get temporarily lost in these various aspects, and sooner or later they'll want to call all their Avatars back home.