art of distraction


< Kharisma 5 > By the way, the Master understands the art of distraction. It gives you a little bit of humor, yourself, maybe nobody else. But as you're out there teaching or doing whatever you're going to do, as a Master you understand the art of distraction. It's magnificent because somebody could be confronting you, doing something challenging, you just distract them. Bring it from here over to here.

When you get in your own head, as you do – you get to that thinking, worrying, laying awake in bed at night – damn, just distract yourself! No, really. Just distract yourself. Play a game. Do something bizarre. Roll off the bed onto the floor! (some laughter) You'll shock yourself out of that meaningless mind crap that you had. Just take the blankets off and just roll – boom! – until you go off the side. And you'll laugh just like you are now, going, “I was so caught up in my own garbage.” A Master understands the art of distraction. I think we'll do a Shaumbra book when I get my other books finally out, “The Art of Distraction.”