< NewEnergy 5 > So, let us switch energy gears here for a moment. Let us talk about something we energetically planted in Ah-ta-rah recently, in this place you know as Australia. Let us talk about passion and compassion on this day, and bring in all of these energies.

< Transhuman 11 > I had great passion for what was being done here, because I knew that it had the potential to spread around the world and, to a degree, it has. By the way, as a backup to America, the backup, in case things didn't work out so well here, was Ah-taRa, Australia. And, in a way, Australia also, it was a prison colony. It was your mates, your cellmates that went there. It was a place where freedom was demanded, actually, because of those who had been in prison, many of them imprisoned falsely.