< Embodiment 3 > This past month or so of time has been difficult on so many of you. And, yes, energies are changing. And, for the next several years, September will be a time of changes within yourself and the world all around you. This energetic cycle was set up several years ago, as you know. It was set up and will continue cycling and evolving during the month of September. You will undergo many, many changes in your life. Changes do not have to be difficult. Changes can be great, great fun. You can have much joy with them.

< Embodiment 3QA > Indeed, it was a difficult month, not just for you, so do not feel like you were singled out here. It was difficult for so many of Shaumbra. And, as we have said, September now has a cycle of being a change month. And, it can be difficult on your system. In a sense, you - how to say - you are allowing changes at the deepest level within you, but you are concerned particularly that you are doing the right thing. So, this is causing quite a bit of trauma on yourself.