full energy scan


< Teacher 1 > Teaching begins with listening. Teaching begins with a full energy - what I'm going to call - full energy scan. They're going to be saying words to you, but notice there is so much else going on. There's going to be facial expressions and body gestures, there's going to be eye movement - and these are the obvious things. Observe everything that's going on. There's going to be things that they DON'T say that are just as important as the things that they DO say. Observe all of this. Then observe their energy.

< Teacher 1 > Just feel their energy. This is a wonderful time of gnost, to bring gnost in. Gnost is the creative knowingness. Gnost is beyond the mind. This is the time to listen with gnost. What is really going on here with this person who just is suddenly approaching you and talking to you? Listen and feel their energy before you start lecturing, before you start talking to them. Then ask them a few questions. You'll know what to ask. Ask them why they feel that way. Ask them if they felt this way before. Ask them "What's really going on inside?" That's one of the most important questions - what's really going on inside.