fashion and design


< QuantumLeap 3 > And oddly enough, the fourth energy that's coming into this convergence is fashion. Fashion! (laughter and Tobias chuckling) And we mean that very seriously. Fashion and design. Fashion and design are ways of expressing, ways of showing your appreciation, ways of packaging energy and presenting it. Fashion and design are moving very fast right now. It was stuck for quite awhile, in my humble opinion, and right now there's a resurgence at some of the very core levels in fashion and design.

Now why would fashion and design be important in one of these four converging energies? Fashion and design are symbolic of the feminine energy that's moving into the planet Earth right now.

First of all, it's your own acceptance of your feminine, whether you are a man or a woman, it is the feminine energy. The feminine energy that has long been held back, dominated by the masculine, is now coming back in. And you're going to see it particularly in the rejuvenation or the - how to say - the re-energization of the fashion and of the design industry, because you're going to have more of a sensitivity and an awareness. Being in a house or a room or a building or anywhere won't just be the fundamental, it will be the appreciation.

But as this feminine energy now flows more and more into the consciousness of humanity, there are energies that don't want to see it flow. So you're going to see the struggle between the masculine and the feminine. It will appear in places that are quite obvious, the churches, in businesses to an extent, and in governments. But, you're going to see, as the feminine energy converges and comes in now on a mass scale - not just for you individually - but on a mass scale, you're going to see the change in fashion and design. But then you're going to see it manifesting in things like politics, government, leadership in businesses, and many, many other ways.