bump and fill


< Wings 9 > Humans get very mental about things. The mind locks in on things and doesn't let go. If you can quickly distract somebody over here, it'll come in. It'll slip in. It's kind of the same principle in a way, in a kind of perverted way, with what I call bump and fill. This is where, well, you walk into a wall, because you don't see that it was there; you get hurt; your nose is bloody, your head hurts and you feel like you're going to pass out. That is such a great opportunity to take in a fill of Spirit, of the Master, of wisdom, because sometimes the human gets so identified with its identity, so locked into itself, that it needs that bump in order to fill.

< Emergence 1 > Bump and fill is when, suddenly an accident – you fall down the steps, you fall off your bike, you're on a wine tour with a bunch of other Shaumbra and you get in an accident and everybody goes … You know, it's a sudden jarring occurrence.

Now, it generally happens to every child, because your divinity doesn't all come in, your spirit doesn't all come in right away. A lot of times it doesn't even start coming in until you're about two years old. So, you're kind of a shell in a way. You've got a little personality and you've got a name, but that's about it. And then slowly it starts coming in and it takes about 18 to 21 years to come in.

But, particularly as a child, you'll fall out of a tree. You'll run into a wall for no apparent reason. You'll take a tumble. Somebody else will clunk you real good, on the schoolyard, on the head. Those are bump and fills, and it's that time when you're suddenly – (snap!) – out of your body, out of your logic and – whoosh! – you get a big infusion of your spirit or divinity, whatever you want to call it. You get a lot that comes into the human form.