The story of Clare


< Embodiment 12 > And, her name was Clare. And, she was called up to go to a party. A friend called her and said, "We are all gathering together. We're going to have a party. There are going to be dozens of us. But, it is a masquerade party. We are going to ask you to put on a costume and come over."

So, indeed Clare did. She put on her costume. She dressed up as a witch, which was somewhat appropriate for Shaumbra, I guess (some laughter). And, she went to the party. She spent the night there. And, she observed all of the others wearing their costumes.

And, the next day over coffee with a friend of hers, her friend said, "So, Clare, how was the party?" And, Clare said, "They had wonderful food, wonderful drinks, and beautiful music. But, it was difficult. I didn't know anyone there." Even though they were all of her friends, they were in disguise. And, she felt she didn't know anybody. She had fallen so much into her own reality and illusion that she didn't recognize anyone, even though she'd known many of them for years.